When I started this blog, I had put a good bit of thought into the subject matter I wanted to cover, but did not yet have a well-formed concept for its presentation. I have experimented with different writing styles, from fact-based and news-like to more personal and opinionated. I do not think I have yet found my best groove, though it has been great fun going through the process of looking for it.

One thing I had not anticipated is the larger role photography has played. I had thought it would, at best, be a garnish that might only have a weak link to the topic. However, almost from the beginning I noticed that going through photos prompted story ideas and guided narratives, after which many ultimately ended up in the posted article.

Two bloggers I enjoy following, Danny Choo and rameniac, make extensive use of photography to fully immerse readers in the subject, and in many cases the physical environment in which the authors experienced the events they describe. Though I might not want to simply mimic their formulas, I have found myself being drawn down a similar path and think it a good idea to see where it leads. Sometimes, it’s helpful to let unexpected things choose us, instead of the other way around.

As a starting point, I created a Flickr account, where I preloaded up the last several years of photo archives. Any friends who have taken a peek at what I had previously uploaded to Facebook will recognize some of the shots, but I have also included many more than were in the original sets, and (to the best of my memory) added a bit of context in the way of descriptions and explanations. Going forward, I plan to make photos a more integrated element of blog posts, as well as concurrently updating Flickr with full-resolution versions and the larger sets from which images are drawn.

Perhaps I have found a new hobby. Maybe, after all the years of being a musician, I just like the idea of holding a piece of equipment in my hands.  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing where the lens takes me.