So, true to my word, it’s been a daunting challenge to carve out time for blogging in the recent few months! I still plan to write up the really good stuff as able (a report from the recent Mitsuwa food fair is in the works). I also wanted to find a way to capture other goings on, so as not to leave readers (and myself) with a case of attention-deficit whiplash. As a first experiment, I’ll try my best to summarize the highlights of intervening time between these “update” posts, linking to any additional media that help flesh out the stories.

Corporate Eco Forum

After a busy but manageable summer, CEF activity has kicked into high gear for the fall. We spent a lot of time on preparations for our first event hosted in India (happening now). I took over full editing responsibility for our Weekly Eco Briefing in order to free up our rockstar intern George Haddad for projects dealing more closely with member companies. We put on a webinar for member companies featuring Jib Ellison, Founder and CEO of boutique sustainability consulting firm Blu Skye.

New York Comic Con and Anime Festival

I soaked up everything at the 2011 New York Comic Con and Anime Festival. I really enjoyed the panel discussions featuring artists and producers involved in the creation and marketing of anime, particularly Roland Kelts‘ interview with Makoto Shinkai. I highly recommend Shinkai-san’s very moving films. I was able to catch up with Kelts later for a quick chat on the show floor. Here is my photoset from the event:

Survival Skills

My wife Min took her first business trip since our daughter Mei was born. Correspondingly, this was the first time your writer was charged with taking care of an 8 month old for more than half an hour unsupervised. We all lived to tell the tale.

Net Impact Service Corps

Though turnout was lower than we had anticipated for this fall’s volunteer nonprofit consulting term, we are trying to make sure the dedicated few who are participating have engaging and rewarding experiences with their projects. We will reevaluate how we go about developing the nonprofit pipeline and marketing to volunteers and get a head start on preparations for next spring’s term.

Compass Yoga

My friend Christa’s nonprofit organization Compass Yoga is beginning to take wing. The other board members and I have reviewed and signed off on our by-laws, and were informed at a meeting with our a lawyers that we received official notice granting our incorporation.

Ramen Misoya

To celebrate the good news, after the meeting we trekked over to Ramen Misoya in the East Village, one of several ramen shops to have popped up in the recent few months. The ramen-ya serves up three types of miso ramen, though we went with the flagship Hokkaido style. The basic bowl comes already decked out with plenty of toppings, but I went for the gusto with a chashu-men (roasted pork) version. I tend to lean heavily toward shio (salt) and tonkatsu (cloudly pork broth) ramen, but it was clear a lot of effort went into this bowl and I was not disappointed.