Here’s an update on all that’s happened since Recent Rundown 2 (January 11, 2012).

Planning for Fun and Profit

In an effort to get a firmer handle on my long term career planning, I’ve started actively reaching out for help and guidance from others. My friend Tim, one of my project managers from my IBM days, graciously accepted my entreaty to step in as my Mr. Miyagi. My earliest consultant Christa, who was the primary inspiration for creating my social media assets, continues to be one of my most enthusiastic supporters and sources of wisdom. A handful of other friends and colleagues are also stepping into the fold, and are collectively helping me begin to craft the executive summary or mission statement version of what will eventually be a detailed personal development plan. I’ll go into more detail as these efforts begin to bear fruit.

Corporate Eco Forum

Our webcast on the Sustainable Apparel Coalition was a big hit. I enjoyed working with our featured presenter, Rick Ridgeway, who had the patience of a saint as I wrestled with the technical limitations of our presentation software. We finalized the ballot of nominees for the 2012 C.K. Prahalad Award and had the CEF Advisory Board cast votes for who they felt most demonstrated exceptional, globally significant private sector action that exemplifies the fundamental connection between sustainability, innovation and long-term business success in a globalizing world. The result will be announced at our June 2012 annual meeting in New York. We’ve also collected essay submissions from member company employees competing in the 2012 CEF Member Challenge: Journey to Camp 41 in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. CEF will sponsor 5 winning employees from CEF member companies to attend an all-expenses paid sustainability leadership development program in Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest led by ecologist Thomas E. Lovejoy. Winners will be announced very soon. Next up, we will present a new webcast, The Business Value of Adopting the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard, featuring Ed Pinero, Veolia Water Chief Sustainability Officer and chairman of the ISO 50001 committee, and Rick Duke, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy.

Compass Yoga

Christa’s nonprofit is moving forward with our first foray into strategic planning, mapping out priorities for the next year and beyond. I’ve taken up the mantle of creating metrics for measuring impact of our programs.

Net Impact Service Corps

We seem to be stuck in a low gear as we try to launch this semester of Service Corps. We learned from our last experience that we need to first identify specific nonprofits with confirmed interest to participate in order to market the program to prospective volunteer consultants from among the Net Impact membership. This time around, we’re having trouble even getting the nonprofits to engage, as many seem to be grappling with so many issues that they can’t spare staff hours to manage additional projects. It will be disappointing if we can’t get things off the ground, but at some point we may have to decide to stop fighting against the universe.

Language Learning

I went into detail in a post about reaching milestones in my Mandarin and Japanese studies. I’ve since decided to give a test drive. While I’ve confirmed my initial impression that there are several areas in which it is not as well developed as ChinesePod, it has few unique features of its own that are quite useful. Right now, maybe it’s more important that I’m studying something each day. As I get more familiar with the landscape of tools I can later think about which ones are the best for me.

All Eyes and Ears

I read through The Economist each week to get a general sense of what’s going on in the world. I also have a raft of sites and Twitter feeds that help me keep abreast of developments in corporate sustainability, urbanism, China and Japan. I’m almost finished reading Reimagining Japan, and plan to write up impressions after I have some time to digest. I made my first visit to WNYC’s The Greene Room to attend The Global Salon: Cities in Japan (photos). And in the brain candy department, I finished working my way though the anime Durarara!!. I’m now watching the recently broadcast second season of Danny Choo’s Culture Japan.

Ramen Roundup

I’ll leave things here with a moment of noodle zen:

Ippudo, Akamaru Modern with kakuni and nitamago

Minca, signature shoyu based blended torigara and tonkotsu, with extra chashu

Hide-chan, tonkotsu with chili oil