On 5/24/2013 likeafishinwater.com will be moved off WordPress.com blog hosting and over to shiny new digs at a self-hosted WordPress installation. With an upcoming move to China, I wanted to have the material accessible from behind the Great Firewall without VPN. In the long term, I’d like to have more control and customization options for the layout. This change will make both possible.

The URL will not change, so finding the blog will work the same as always and bookmarks you might have will not be affected. The layout will use the full-fledged version of the current template, but it may be a bit clunky for a few days while I work on the settings.

The biggest change will be for readers who follow the blog through the WordPress.com reader (this is quite a few of you). This function is not available once a blog leaves WordPress.com hosting, but I hope one among the remaining options will work as a substitute for you. Followers that used the WordPress.com reader on the old blog will continue to see updates in the reader via legacy support, though the new blog will not support additional followers of this type. The regular RSS feed will still be available at the same URL. I will install a plugin to maintain the email subscriptions and migrate the current list to the new installation. I’ll continue to announce new posts via Twitter (@mjvito), Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook (I have the Follow button enabled). See you on the other side of the moon!