Wave, Listen to Me! 波よ聞いてくれ

Welcome to this week’s review of notable instances of public transit use and urban design, as well as discussion of place identity and culture, through anime currently broadcast or screening in Japan and simulcast internationally via the web. This review also documents seichijunrei (聖地巡礼 sacred site pilgrimage) and butaitanbou (舞台探訪 scene hunting)—on this website referred to collectively as anime pilgrimage—which are forms of place-based engagement induced by the use of real locations in show settings.

Media and General Interest

Contents tourism after Covid-19
Contents tourism researcher Okamoto Takeshi (岡本健) will give an online talk on the post-Covid-19 tourism environment, including seichijunrei, June 5 at 8:00pm JST.

Cafe Dream crowdfunding
Nishinomiya institution and sine qua non of Suzumiya Haruhi pilgrimage Cafe Dream (珈琲屋ドリーム) launched a crowdfunding campaign to help bridge a sudden loss of revenue resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic. Lower value donations will include coupons that can be redeemed for coffee and meals at future cafe visits. Higher value donations can go toward a coffee making class or a year of fresh roasted coffee bean deliveries to your home (in Japan).

Current Season Pilgrimage

@tianlangxing made a pilgrimage (updated post) to Minami-rokugō, Ōta Ward, Tokyo Metropolis for Hoshiai no Sora: Special Fan Movie.

Past Season Pilgrimage

@fureshima2223 made a pilgrimage to Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture for Koisuru Asteroid.

@hiro_senritu made a pilgrimage to Taitō Ward and Sumida Ward, Tokyo Metropolis for Sarazanmai.

@dotproducer made a pilgrimage to Saga Prefecture for Zombie Land Saga.

@Roan_Inish made a pilgrimage to Gyōda, Saitama Prefecture for Girls & Panzer Gekijōban.

@flyingbird1124 made a pilgrimage to Denenchōfu, Ōta Ward, Tokyo Metropolis for Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka.