Butaitanbou Award 2019 舞台探訪アワード2019

The 13th Butaitanbou Summit was to be held this past September in Ureshino, Saga Prefecture. This gathering is the annual all-hands meeting for the Butaitanbou-sha Community (舞台探訪者コミュニティ), or BTC, the highly engaged core of manga and anime-induced travel in Japan. Like many events of the past year, concerns and travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic made holding the summit untenable. But online submission of annual activity reports and voting for awards that recognize outstanding effort in the preceding year continued on schedule. Awards were presented in a live streamed ceremony on September 19. Before we roll through the end of this calendar year, I wanted to at least leave a record of them here. The reporting period was 2019 April 1 to 2020 March 31, hence they are referred to as the 2019 awards, though presented in 2020.

Butaitanbou Grand Prize (舞台探訪⼤賞)
Furabā (フラバー @flyingbird1124)

Butaitanbou Rookie Prize (舞台探訪新⼈賞)
Nazukari (なづかり @nadukari_h)

Tanbou Work Ranking (探訪作品ランキング)
10th: (tie) Zombie Land Saga / Sora no Aosa o Shiru Hito yo
9th: (tie) Summer Pockets (visual novel) / Shinohayu (manga)
8th: Hōkago Saikoro Club
7th: Heya Camp
6th: Koisuru Asteroid
5th: Oshi ga Budōkan Ittekuretara Shinu
4th: Toki (manga)
3rd: Hibike! Euphonium: Chikai no Finale
2nd: Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow
1st: Tenki no Ko

Congratulations to everyone for hard work in 2019, as well as attempts to make the best of a difficult 2020. The Saga summit is tentatively pushed out to 2021, but with the pandemic still surging and most of winter still ahead, the next year will still be very challenging. In all likelihood, it may be 2022 before we see conditions that support resumption of travel and large events. In the meantime, while we fondly remember past pilgrimage adventures and look forward to the day when we can fully engage in those again, on the ground let’s focus on doing what we can to help each other stay healthy.