I’m the founder of multimedia content development and communications strategy company Third Place Media. My mission is to do work that enables application of pressure at leverage points in government and the private sector needed to create dense and lively communities with access to public transportation, supporting optimal use of resources, economic vibrancy, and high quality of life. I consider place-based engagement a key component to achieving these ends. I am always open to opportunities for research, writing, photography and cinematography in support of these areas.

My background spans from nonprofit management to business, technology and communications strategy consulting, with specialization in corporate environmental sustainability. I follow urban planning and environmental sustainability news, NGO activity, and environmental policy in the US, China and Japan. I’m a graduate of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and an accredited LEED Green Associate. I study Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

I love wandering around with a camera, watch too much anime and eat too much ramen.

Media and Print

Anime is turning quiet corners of the world into major tourist attractions (Polygon, 2018 December) — This was an updated and more in-depth version of Linda Lombardi’s 2016 July story on butaitanbou-seichijunrei subculture for the Associated Press. I again provided materials and answers to her interview questions to support her research. I also recruited two members of the Butaitanbou-sha Community (BTC) to provide additional perspectives.

Fans hunt real places in Japan featured in anime (Associated Press, 2016 July) — I worked with reporter Linda Lombardi to create an article exploring anime-specific pop culture tourism for a general, non-Japanese audience, while still including enough detail to create a nuanced picture of the subculture. Through syndication the article appeared in major global media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Mainichi Shimbun.